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vworp vworp

What effects might the trend of younger Doctors have on the show, continued...

April Fool's! You were expecting a fake or absent comic, but there was a real one! That's the joke.

The look on his face in panel three is just fucking gold.

I still love how Eleven is dressed like Prince and that guy from Flock of Seagulls had a baby. *insert joke about "is he even old enough to remember that?" here, as administered ironically by a 20-year-old*

Also, anyone know any tiny pink hats with flowers shops? I think I found a new ~in vogue accessory~ for 2009.

oh god, River Song is totally going to coug him to death.

Why, Eleven, you look rather...dashing.

"Dashing" as in debonair, not as in "dashing down the hall in the third panel.

I like 11's suit. And when I say "like" I mean "am awed and slightly frightened."

A new comic? That's my favorite April Fool's joke ever!

Ahaha! I love how you kept him in Edgeworth's clothes.

Hopefully River Song will be a lot younger. Though, I really adore Alex Kingston, so I'll be sad if the trade off isn't as awesome...

If Eleven ever says Objection!, I'm blaming it on you.


And lol again at the suit.

We saw River at the oldest she'll ever be. But wouldn't Eleven/River be about the same age dynamic as Rose/Nine, actor-wise?

It would be. But obviously a sexually active older woman is always a "cougar" and needs to be made fun of because female sexuality post 35 is either disgusting or desperate.

I will be so very disappointed if that's not the costume that Eleven gets to wear in the show. So very true about River, she looks old enough to be his mum! XD

aww the image won't show up, this makes me sad.

Lolz at the running down the hall panel, which was my favourite, until I saw the even more lulzy last panel and the the adorable expression of absolute terror Eleven has in it. So. much. win.

this just made my day.

Hehe, it made my day! I really like the "running down corridors"-panel :D

Totally worth the wait! :D

It'll be more regular now I swear. D:

In the second panel he looks like Oscar Wilde. I approve.