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With a 26-year-old cast as the Eleventh Doctor, it seems that Doctor Who is definitely tending towards the lower end of the age scale when it comes to who portrays the character, and this can't help but alter the Doctor's personality and how others perceive him. What effects might the trend of younger Doctors have on the show? We don't know, so we made some stuff up.

This guy is two years older than I am, so I don't know why I'm pretending he's a teenager.

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Another reason to be Skagra

I thought of something else. Perhaps he remembers being beaten, but also remembers that there are a boatload of Daleks on Shada. Not the best thing to be leaving lying around for too long since Daleks have a tendency to appear where you don't want them to. The entirety of Skagra/the Doctor's plan was to lose while simultaneously getting to Shada so he can get rid of the Daleks there.

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