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With a 26-year-old cast as the Eleventh Doctor, it seems that Doctor Who is definitely tending towards the lower end of the age scale when it comes to who portrays the character, and this can't help but alter the Doctor's personality and how others perceive him. What effects might the trend of younger Doctors have on the show? We don't know, so we made some stuff up.

This guy is two years older than I am, so I don't know why I'm pretending he's a teenager.

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Shada reference for the win! :D
(Tom's version is the best. Nothing against McGann, but Shada was written for Four, so it makes sense. XD)

Let's review the facts:
The Time War apparently didn't kill all the Time Lords, just the ones on Gallifrey. This left Salyavin/Chronotis, The Rani, The Master, Susan, The Monk, Drax, Rassilon and possibly even Morbius(can a Time Lord brain that falls off a cliff regenerate) extant across time, space and the universes.

Now the Doctor regenerates into someone that looks like Skagra. Skagra knew things that few non-Gallifreyans should know. He even remembered something that Salyavin removed from all memory, except now the Doctor, himself and Romana.

The Doctor may one day want help with something to revive Gallifrey, and a fellow Time Lord would be handy. Crossing his own timestream as a villain? The Doctor has never had a very reliable memory.

Where are these 'facts' from?
Rassilon was already 'dead'. The mind of Rassilon, i.e. his BIG BEARDED FACE was still hanging around in his tomb. Also, I think its safe to assume that the Time Lords probably recalled all Time Lords to Gallifrey at the start of the war. As #9 said, he'd know if there were others out there.
That's what I think anyway.

But I do like your idea. XD

All the Time Lords I mentioned were either lost, renegade or had no time capsule of their own. Perhaps the council would look for them, but could any be found?
I have it from one of my extreme fan friends that Rassilon's tomb wasn't on Gallifrey, just the entrance. That combined with his apparent presence and that he was wearing the Ring suggests that he is in some way alive. His mind is the most useful bit anyway, since he probably remembers how to use the Hand of Omega(still on Earth as far as we've been told) correctly.
Actually, I'm amazed the current Doctor was hanging around a supernova without having an idea. I wish more holes were filled in so that we could know why all avenues are blocked.

Rassilon's tomb was in The Death Zone on Gallifrey. See The Five Doctors. The tale your friends tell sounds like the kind of stuff printed in some of the none-canonical novels. It's usually best (and slightly less confusing) to stick to what has been established onscreen.

I know, I own it.
He probably was going from a novel; that tends to be the case with stuff that wasn't entirely filled in in-show, or could have been ambiguous. It makes sense to me, though, that the Tower would only be the entrance. It sounds like something ol' Rassilon would do.
Then again, still non-canon most likely, but there's still "infinite bodily regeneration" to contend with.

Your friend might be going from Big Finish audio; they do some pretty crazy stuff with Rassilon, and, if I recall, his tomb was in a pocket dimension or something weird like that.

Anyway, I love your Skagra theory. I might fanfic about it if I can get both your permission and some time away from real life.

Another reason to be Skagra

I thought of something else. Perhaps he remembers being beaten, but also remembers that there are a boatload of Daleks on Shada. Not the best thing to be leaving lying around for too long since Daleks have a tendency to appear where you don't want them to. The entirety of Skagra/the Doctor's plan was to lose while simultaneously getting to Shada so he can get rid of the Daleks there.

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