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vworp vworp

With a 26-year-old cast as the Eleventh Doctor, it seems that Doctor Who is definitely tending towards the lower end of the age scale when it comes to who portrays the character, and this can't help but alter the Doctor's personality and how others perceive him. What effects might the trend of younger Doctors have on the show? We don't know, so we made some stuff up.

This guy is two years older than I am, so I don't know why I'm pretending he's a teenager.

LOVE that 11 is dress very 3:):) Perfect!!


That suit makes him look like an Edgeworth cosplayer XD

(Deleted comment)
Teddy Boy, old friend. What AP is based upon.

I'd actually find it really awesome if he donned some traditional Time Lord garb, if only because I miss the rest of the Time Lords ever so much. ;__;

Dear god, I am in love with that first one.

And I am so digging the suit.

God, I hope Eleven doesn't dress like Prince circa Purple Rain, or else I really won't fucking watch Doctor Who. THAT BEING SAID, this is win and I am happy to see the return of well-done Who lulz.

The lulz are back! YAY!!!

Lol, I love Eleven in his Time Lord outfit.

He's two years older than me too, and I still think this is hilairious XD


'You know what my kids say...' (in movie)
'YOU'RE NOT MY REAL FATHER!' (a comment)

Yes, but the Doctor already failed his TARDIS test. :p

Time Lord robes make Baby Rassilon smile. :)

The First Doctor's tendency to call everyone "My child" comes back to bite him. XD

His outfit! He's so purple. It's awesome.

Love the suit :D And I will be unbelievable happy if he really wears the Time Lord garb one time.

I loled at that first one. The first doctor looks very good. 11 SHOULD DRESS LIKE EDGEWORTH!