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vworp vworp
"We're sorry. We're so sorry."

We meant the 25th. We said the 25th, right?

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Aw, it's no skin off Nine's nose. We can wait~ :D

I think the hair has a mind of its own.

Oh doctor, how can a time traveler be unpunctual?

(I've never commented on anything of yours before, but I was pointed to 'worst of the timelords' and loved it so much, I'm very exited to see this!)

"A time traveler is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to!" XD

Oh god, Aretha Franklin hat love! \o/

Fierce hat is everywhere. XD

Any lateness is acceptable if it is given that alt-text.

Wibbley-wobbly, timey whimey?

I barely know what day it is, let alone what date it is, so I very much like that I'm getting Doctory stuff on any particular day of the week. xD

Oh oh oh they're showing 'The Next Doctor' here tonight. Brilliant, double Doctor day. =D

Just seeing the doctor's face pop up on my flist made me smile :) All is well:)


You bad boy! You made a promise ;) *spanks him*

I love that picture. It's so innocent-boy-who-actually-did-something-bad. I feel as if it should have a halo and little wings.

Oh yay!!! I've missed him.

? Why r u upset? It says January 24th 11:59 pm where I'm at! That's a minute early! :)

i'll point out that you could interpret "TARDIS" as "late" in latin... lolol

Technically, you didn't say that anything would *happen* on the 24th -- maybe you just wanted to make sure that people would be a day or two early? ;)

it's okay... as long as you're sorry *grin*

That grin is just perfect for this type of post. :P

But does it feel like... sadness? or Fatness?

I can forgive anything for that adorable drawing.

Doctor is very fluffy today. And so HAPPY about it.

Digging the colouring. :)

You guys meant March, right? Or was it April? ;P

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